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We learn something new each time we open it. I am very thankful for it!

Thank you so much for your fabulous contribution to our planet's well-being! What a gift! The artwork is galactivated and the wisdom is shared with compassionate understanding.

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This has been a tremendous resource, and I am so grateful you have provided this. It's a remarkable tool, beyond measure. Your calendar has indeed, been a blessing to me. Learn More! Beyond just the Galactic Calendar, expand your knowledge of the vast layers of Dr.

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Jose Arguelles' essential cosmic teachings. Enjoy this self-paced and interactive video tutorial with 13 lessons provided by our dear friend and ally Jacob Wyatt of The Foundation For The Law of Time. Intiana of Starseeds blends Galactic Dreamspell Astrology with intuitive wisdom and psychic insight. She helps you activate the power of your personal Galactic Signature and enliven a deeper connection with your own divine spirit and destiny!

Each mind is connected with every other mind; and each mind, wherever it is located is connected with the whole world and cosmos.

Birthdate Decoder. In the predominantly black Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles, racial tension reaches a breaking point after two white policemen scuffle with a black motorist suspected of drunken driving.

A crowd of spectators gathered near the corner of Avalon Boulevard and th Street to watch Prince Hussein is proclaimed the king of Jordan after his father, King Talal, is declared unfit to rule by the Jordanian Parliament on grounds of mental illness. Hussein was formally crowned on November 14, , his 18th birthday.

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Hussein was the third constitutional king of The convicts—the first civilian prisoners to be housed in the new high-security On this day in , German forces begin a six-day evacuation of the Italian island of Sicily, having been beaten back by the Allies, who invaded the island in July.

The Germans had maintained a presence in Sicily since the earliest days of the war.

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But with the arrival of Gen. The last U. The unit had been guarding the U.

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This left only 43, advisors, airmen, and support troops left in-country. This number did Sign up now to learn about This Day in History straight from your inbox. On this day in , President Ronald Reagan makes a joking but controversial off-the-cuff remark about bombing Russia while testing a microphone before a scheduled radio address. While hunting for elk along the Missouri River, Meriwether Lewis is shot in the hip, probably by one of his own men.

Meriwether Lewis and William Clark had embarked on their epic journey to the Pacific two years earlier. The 33 members of the Corps of Discovery had experienced On this day in , the nostalgic teenage coming-of-age movie American Graffiti, directed and co-written by George Lucas, opens in theaters across the United States.

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