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Last Updated on August 1st, Having your birthday on January 11 makes you stand out in many ways. To start with, it allows you to have a richness of character than many people only dream about.

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You have much that you can show! Ironically, you are the humble sort of an individual. You are not given to blowing your own trumpet. You are patient, systematic and good at making decisions. You quickly win respect, even from strangers, due to your jovial open disposition. It makes you highly likable. Contrary to what some people might think, your uniqueness does not happen perchance.

It is a result of well-choreographed cosmic influences. These make you stand a shoulder above others. The following horoscope profile clearly shows that you are destined for greatness. Carefully go through the analysis so that you can make the right choices in life. Your zodiac sign is Capricorn — by virtue of having your birthday on January Your astrological symbol is the horned Sea Goat. This symbol is responsible for a number of positive qualities.

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Key among them are wisdom, ambition, humility, tenacity, and responsibility. These are all qualities that you can put to use with stellar results. The planet Saturn rules your life. This works as a big boost to your thinking, behavior, and motivations. Your association with this planet has influenced your levels of generosity and resilience.

At the same time, the element Earth plays a pivotal role in your life. This association has enhanced the sharpening of your five common senses. Those you meet sense in your gentleness and affection that is unique. Earth receives a lot from the fundamentals of air, fire, and water. For this reason, you are a balanced individual with a sober outlook towards life.

January 11 - personality & famous birthdays

Since your birthday is on January 11, your astrological cusp is the Sagittarius-Capricorn Cusp. This cusp is largely responsible for the direction your life takes in the future. As such, we refer to it aptly as the Cusp of Prophecy. A close study of the astrological signs under this cusp shows that you will make a notable philosopher. You have a tendency to ponder over weighty issues that affect you and your environment.

January 11 Zodiac is Capricorn - Full Horoscope Personality

You do not give in to disappointments easily. You still believe that there are promises to be reaped from Mother Nature. This kind of reasoning can only be attributed to the wise Sea Goat, which is your astrological symbol. You do not mind challenges along the way as you simply view them as all part of the sense of achievement. Another dream you may have is to travel and visit as many places in the world as you can.

If you are able to do this it will have quite an enlightening impact on your viewpoints. As you were born on the eleventh day of the month the digits in your birth date add up to 2 and so this is the Root number for your birthday.

Your Astrological Chart Cusp

This number reference has the keyword 'Harmony' and it emphasizes your need for balance in your relationships and everything else you do in life. The Tarot card assigned to your birthday is the 11th card of the Major Arcana Justice. This highlights your solid belief of fairness in all things. For January the eleventh birthdays the gemstone believed to bring it's wearer the most luck, prosperity and personal happiness is the beautiful pure White Pearl. Capricorns born in December or January are astrologically influenced by the cosmic forces of the planet Saturn.

The actual day you were born, the eleventh of January is governed by the Moon making you more emotional than many that share your star sign. The combination of these 2 planetary influences are what mainly determines your unique individuality. Your reliability and kindness make you lots of friends while your practicality and positive thinking help you go far in all you attempt to do.

January 11 Birthday Astrology | HowStuffWorks

If you can avoid being as loud with your opinions and try to control your bit of obstinacy you should be able to understand others better. An appropriate final thought and advice for people born on January the 11th is to aim to have as few preconceptions as possible. Birthday Horoscope January 12th, personal asctrological characteristic for those who were born on January 12th.

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Birthday Horoscope January 19th, personal asctrological characteristic for those who were born on January 19th. Birthday Horoscope for those who were born on January 11th under the Zodiac sign Capricorn. January 11th Persona Profile People born specifically on the 11th of January are usually of an idealistic temperament with a philosophical mind. January 11th Work and Finances In your work choices you prefer jobs where you can use your analytical skills and perhaps your natural understanding of people.

January 11th Personal Relationships Concerning matters of the heart the person born on the eleventh day of January is typically, for a Capricorn, often apprehensive and shy. January 11th Health Good health is very important to those born on January 11th as they often believe that it is the key to always looking your best. January 11th Strengths and Weaknesses Your main strengths of character are to be found in your strong will and capable, trustworthy attitude.

January 11th Dreams and Goals Being born on the 11th of January gives you more than enough determination to achieve success in your personal and professional life. Usually a law unto yourself, you are dynamic and enterprising. With your universal compassion and independent thinking, you can pursue a career in teaching, counseling, or psychology. An interest in religion, philosophy, and metaphysics implies a talent for astrology. Usually women play an active part in your career advancement. A knack for words, imagination, and communication skills suggest a flair for writing, music, or the arts.

Idealistic, you may want to work for reforms and fight injustice by pursuing a career as a person in the clergy, politician, or civil servant. Famous people who share your birthday include U. The special vibration of the master number 11 birthday suggests that idealism, inspiration, and innovation are highly important to you.

A blend of humility and confidence often challenges you to work toward self-mastery, both materially and spiritually. Usually you are highly charged and enjoy vitality but must avoid becoming overly anxious or impractical. The subinfluence of the number 1 month indicates that you are independent and enterprising, with a need to express yourself creatively.

Although friendly and outgoing, you dislike restrictions and prefer to act freely and be autonomous. Developing your diplomatic skills and learning to compromise, however, can help you to find a middle ground and be less self-seeking. Innovative and with plenty of energy, you are multitalented, with many interests. At times you may be outspoken, but you are an entertaining person and are never boring. Although you possess intuitive powers and are determined, you need a goal upon which you can focus rather than scatter your energies in many directions. Being charming and magnetic, you can draw people toward you.

Usually you are more interested in those who stimulate your mind or inspire you creatively. It can be very advantageous if you also share a joint interest or purpose. Since you are sensitive, with strong emotions, it might be helpful to regularly spend time alone, collecting your thoughts and feelings. This allows you to intuitively sense what is right for you in your relationships and helps you keep the balance between being independent and needing others.