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Despite their moodiness, Cancer children are some of the easier kids to raise. Lacking many aggressive traits, your little one will probably never lash out physically, and will rarely get into trouble. Kids born under the sign of Cancer have a tendency to create imaginary friends and also have the ability to play alone for hours.

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Who Stole My Woman? Here's what you'll need to know about being this one's mama! They Can Be Moody Ruled by the always-changing moon, the Cancer baby has mood swings as often as the tides change. Water Is Where It's At Beginning as it does on the summer Solstice, the first day of that warm season, it makes sense that Cancer is a water sign. They Love Their Mamas Home and family are extremely important to tiny Crabs, who tend to be extra attached to their parents and especially their mothers.

They're Nurturing and Affectionate Known as the "mother sign," Cancers are natural caregivers. Food Is a Favorite Thing You'll likely have no trouble putting weight on a baby born under the sign of Cancer; these little ones love to eat.

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For the sake of their loved ones, they can make any sacrifices: change their place of residence, quit school, and take care of a sick person for days. Cancer is an uncertain, hypochondriac person. A representative of the water sign of the zodiac may seem unperturbed, but it is difficult for her to take any decision, even the simplest one. Too sensitive nature is very susceptible to any unforeseen circumstances.

Just one careless word is enough for the girl to change her mind and harbor resentment against a person. Strong intuition is an undeniable blessing, but for Cancer it is also a heavy burden. The girl thinks too much, tries to calculate the consequences of her actions, as a result, completely loses the ability to think logically. She begins to fear everything in the world, so she prefers not to change anything in her life. At the same time, she misses the opportunity to advance on the career ladder or to marry successfully.

She needs the support of a strong partner, who will guide her along the right path with a firm hand. The element of Water defines the following traits of the girl-Cancer: slowness, restraint, calmness. She seems to swim with the flow, not taking any action. It is a deceptive impression, passion rages in her soul. The girl does not consider it necessary to demonstrate her weakness, prefers to restrain her emotions. The only way out for the accumulated negative is tears. She never shows aggression, tries to suppress discontent and irritation. Such behavior is a gift for the surrounding people, but a constant internal tension leads to the development of diseases.

The girl often suffers from neuroses and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The Cancer girl is very attached to her mother, this is the main person in her life. The baby is often naughty, needs constant presence of parents. It is necessary to read good tale to her, tell funny stories. The rest of the quiet child does not cause problems. She enjoys communicating with quiet children, loves to invite them to visit. The house is a safe refuge, here the baby feels safe. The girl likes to study, especially she likes subjects: history, literature, geography, drawing.

A diligent student is always in good standing with teachers.

ATough Shell, But Inside, She's All Heart

At the lessons of labor she manifests herself in all its glory, the girl has the talent to create unique things from the simplest materials. Parents should, as often as possible, praise their daughter, attend all school activities in which she takes part. Support for loved ones instills in her a sense of confidence and tranquility.

In adolescence, the Cancer girl can surprise parents with sudden attacks of aggression and irritability. This behavior is normal for a teenager. The explanation is quite simple: the girl has stopped controlling her emotions, she openly shows inner feelings.

Parents should support any decision of their daughter, their caring attitude, love — the best remedy for anxiety and fears. The most important thing for Cancer is family, the opinion of close people is of great importance.