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Project Madurai : Free electronic books of ancient Tamil literary classics..

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Noolaham : Collection of thousands of Tamil books and magazines from Srilanka. Thamizam : Collection of thousands of rare Tamil books and magazines by Pollachi Nasan. Dharma downloads : Yoga articles and Yoga texts for download. Shaivite Literature : Shaivite Literature and stotras in Tamil.

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P Ganguly, P Sengupta, ed. Bina Chatterjee 1.

The Khandakhadyaka an astronomical treatise of Brahmagupta with the commentary of Bhattotpala in Sanskrit. Motilal Banarsidass. Erik Gregersen 2. The Britannica Guide to the History of Mathematics. The Rosen Publishing Group. James Lochtefeld 2. Nicholas Campion 2. Astrology and Cosmology in the Worlds Religions.

New York University Press. James G. Tamil - Astrology / New Age: Books

Lochtefeld 2. Patrick Gray 2.

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