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Sagittarius monthly horoscope. Guess what, Sagi bb? The Moon moves into your sign today, making you the star of stars for the next few days. The good news is that the Moon will move into your very own fiery stars this evening and put you back in touch with your optimism. Yep, the heaviness is lifting and giving way to the next party.

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The good news is that it will fade after it peaks tonight, allowing you to sleep more peacefully and ruminate less. For now, focus on relaxation and self-care — and doing the inner work that will take you to the next level.

This is putting undue pressure on you to keep it together when everyone around you seems to be falling apart. Keep your wits about you and all shall soon pass. You are in a rather social and playful mode today.

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Be the social butterfly you were born to be, sweet Sagi. This is one of those incredibly intense days, Sagi, so get grounded early if you can. Pluto, the planet in charge of inner transformation, is clashing with Mars, the planet of drive, aggression and passion. People might try to roll over you with their point of view. Sagittarius Sagittarius personality profile. Source: elleuk. Sign in. Don't forget that Mercury is still in retrograde and currently in a war with angry Mars.

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It's easy to lash out or say things you regret. Jut count to ten and remind yourself that you have other options—like screaming into your pillow. Communication is not easy today, Taurus. It hasn't actually been for weeks now, but it's extra contentious due to the war between Mercury Retrograde and Mars.

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If you are backed into a corner or pushed to fight, it's still better to walk away or move the conversation to a later date. Don't let hurt feelings provoke you to say something you don't mean or will regret, Cancer. Others don't often realise just how sensitive you are.

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They might interpret your harsh words as your true feelings, rather than your attempt to protect yourself from further hurt. You are better than that. Today's lunar energy is perfect for love and romance.

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The only problem is that people are in the mood to pick fights with you, Leo. You're more of a lover than a fighter today, but that might not stop others from pushing you.

If your pride takes a hit, just breathe deeply and go back to the love. The vibes are rather contentious and edgy today, Virgo. Mercury your ruling planet is fighting with Mars, plus the retrograde is creating communication challenges to begin with. This all adds up to your new motto: silence is golden.

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When in doubt just bite your tongue. It could save a relationship. You are a peacemaker by nature and that will serve you well today, Libra. The stars are extremely agitated and everyone is in the mood to get something started. You have better things to do like get along. You may have to show others how to rise above the petty disagreements, as per usual.

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The stars are in the mood for a big verbal battle today, Scorpio. You can send fatal stings with choice words better than anyone, but why burn bridges? Think twice before launching a war you know that you won't be able to come back from.