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Start prepping now with your horoscope! With your birthday around the corner, you may be doing some serious self-inventory, and may be ready to shrug off people or projects that no longer speak to you. Go for it, but do so with kindness—back burnering things may be better, as life is long. Before you speak up, check your time line.

Daily Horoscope for Wednesday, March 14

After a hard two days, this could be a delighftul day where you can be wholly focused on the hear and now. Nostalgis speaks to your soul. Listen to it.

Leo Daily Horoscope When was the last time you had a party? The stars say tonight is a lovely day for a last minute party. Mars is about to move out of your money zone, but it may have one last lesson for you, Scorpio.

March 14 Zodiac

What are you feeling? You are able to do that because you have tremendous listening skills. You understand how to connect the dots as far as the signals that people send out goes. Most people send out conflicting signals. Most people are actually confused regarding their own emotions.

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How much more complicated would it be if you are trying to get it across to somebody who is supposed to help you? Do you see how this works?

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You are able to cut through all of that and understand them at a very deep level and give them the right kind of advice. Over time, you tend to hone this, but instead of becoming more patient, accepting and kind, the years are not kind to you in terms of your emotional development. You become more impatient.

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You try to cut to the chase and you end up overlooking very important details. The main positive trait of people born on March 14 is their amazing listening skills. In fact, they are such great listeners that people might think that they know how to read minds.

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Make no mistake about it, people really are that complicated. If you know enough about a certain person, you can predict how they would respond in certain situations.

March 14th Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Pisces - Part 2

And this slavish devotion to efficiency pushes them somehow, some way, to cut corners and take shortcuts. You develop a false sense of confidence in your listening skills and it turns out, as you get older, that your listening skills actually start to degenerate. Accordingly, you are a very emotional person. You have a tremendous ability to care about other people. In fact, compassion is really big with you because you feel that for you to help somebody, you have to step into their shoes.

March 14 Birthday Horoscope — Zodiac Sign Personality

This can be a good thing, but it has to be paired with solid listening skills that mature with age. This is not always the case with people born on March While Neptune can be a caring, cultivating and nurturing planet, it also can be quite dictatorial and overbearing. Neptune, after all, is a big planet with a heavy gravitational pull.

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People born on the 14 th of March can count on the following luckiest numbers: 16, 48, 39, 26 and It can be hugely draining to go the extra mile time and time again for other people and feel you have so very little to show for it. It can make you feel introverted, tired of bothering with the world, and apt to hide away and let everyone get on with it. A real friend will accept your boundaries and speak on more on the matter, maybe even apologise for imposing on you and thanking you for your time. Your greatest gift to humanity is your ability to listen well.