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Sydney Festivals. Domain Names. World Newspapers. Instead, I had to find whatever astrological books and resources I could by driving to garage sales and second-hand book shops everywhere.

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It felt like the mainstream view of astrology was just for fun and entertainment than the deeper and more meaningful view that the astrology books I had collected seemed to be about…. So I began to see the birth chart also known as the natal chart as a snapshot of the sky and heavens at the moment and place of my birth… something quite unique to me. Could it really reveal my instincts, emotions, potential, tendencies, needs and wants? One thing was certain: To really test this, I knew that I had to get my reading from an experienced, reputable Astrologer.

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  • I found out about one particular astrologer who lived in the US, he seemed quite highly recommended…. And it got me thinking…..

    2008 Jun 07 10:58

    Hesitant but increasingly curious, I took the plunge and finally had a reading and charts prepared for me by this astrologer…. A few weeks later, a package arrived in the mail. Tearing the envelope open, I got my first glimpse of a professional astrological birth chart. It looked very interesting, and had all these symbols. A few days after the package with my birth chart had arrived, I had a phone call scheduled with the astrologer.. So the appointment time finally arrived and I start dialing the number.

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    He answered the call, and the next thirty minutes were some of the most amazing of my life. As he read through my chart, everything he said rang true… and on so many levels! Here I was, talking on the phone with a person from a different continent. We never met before. But there he was reading out major aspects of my life and describing my personality to the tee!


    He told me things about myself that only I could possibly know. Any doubt I ever had was now obliterated, and I was more excited than ever about astrology. I started attending seminars, conferences, buying even more books and continued building my astrological library. The powerful experience of what real astrology has to offer compelled me to co-found Astromatcha and what has grown to become a great community of people just like you and me interested in this fascinating ancient art…. Our aim is to stack the deck in your favor and help you make better decisions when it comes to love and relationships.

    These courses will help you make the leap from the simplistic mainstream understanding of astrology to experiencing the full power astrology that is has to offer you. Astrology is what we love. Ready to discover the real potential of your relationship? Take our free "Star Sign Compatibility Quiz" to instantly reveal your compatibility score!