Parent to child astrology compatibility

With the rest of the zodiac children , she most likely needs to reign herself in a bit. A Taurus mom is a quiet, laid-back, and placid mother, who is loving, protective, patient, stable, and reasonable, but not a pushover. This is a mom who intends to raise well-behaved and responsible children. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn children are the most comfortable with a Taurus mother, but she'll have to tailor her natural mothering traits a bit to be more compatible with the rest of the zodiac kids.

A Gemini mom is a fun, happy, and mentally stimulating mother who does things in the spur of the moment and has an easy-breezy approach to mothering.

Venus enters Scorpio

Gemini, Liba, and Aquarius kids are the most compatible with a Gemini mom, but she'll have to sacrifice some of her freedom, be more reliable, and pay attention to what the other zodiac children need. A Cancer mom was born to be a mother. She's sensitive to her children needs, is super protective of them, and provides them with a feeling of security.

She's a mother who needs to be needed by her children and would rather they not grow up. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces kids are the most compatible with a Cancer mom. However, she'll need to let go somewhat on her caregiving with the other zodiac kids.

Parent Child Compatibility shows level of understanding between parents and children.

A Leo mom is a playful, energetic, dramatic, and affectionate mother who is demanding and knows how to lay down the law with her children. She also expects a lot from her kids but takes great pride in everything they accomplish.

Scorpio Father — Aries Child

Leo, Sagittarius, or Aries children are the most compatible with a Leo mom, but to meet the needs of the remaining zodiac children will take a bit of adjustment on the part of a Leo mom. A Virgo mom is a cautious, reserved, vigilant, and at times, an anxiety-ridden mom who has a penchant for worrying about her children's health as well as their happiness. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn children are the most compatible with a Virgo mom's cautious and reserved style of mothering.

Parent & Child Astrology: Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius

For the other zodiac kids , she'll need to modify her mother traits in such a way that she can bring out her child's positive sun sign potential. A Libra mom is an outgoing, optimistic, and good-natured mother who is seldom harsh with her kids and gives them some personal authority.

Her most significant challenges as a mom are that she hates to say "no" to her kids. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are the most compatible with a Libra mom's mothering traits. As for the rest of the zodiac children , a Libra mom will have to stretch herself in order to validate their growing sense of self.

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A Scorpio mom is a protective mother who has a helicopter mothering style and wants to be involved in every aspect of her children's lives. A Scorpio mom can easily become overly controlling and too involved in her children's lives. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces children are the most compatible with a Scorpio mom's natural style of mothering.

But for the remainder of the zodiac kids , she'll need to take care to not be quite so hovering. Children are seen through the 5th house in the astrology chart. Jupiter is the significator for children while the Sun indicates the father and the Moon indicates the mother. While researching about parenting, it is very important to look at the 2nd and 4th house of home and family too. These are the signs rules the 5th house for each Lagna and its ruler.

According to your Lagna, the 5th sign and the planet which represents is the first clue for your children.

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The nature of the planet, the sign and the house which it is placed, and if you are an advance astrology lover, then you can go into the details of the nakshatras as well. When these planets are in a compromising placement, that surely indicates difficulty in a parent-child relationship. As Astro-psychology is a growing stream these days, there is a lot of research going on to identify the characteristics of people through a mix of astrology and psychology. According to this stream, people are supposed to have different temperaments.

Temperament can show you what personality traits are. You should note that these signs are fire and male signs ruled by male planets, Mars, Sun and Jupiter respectively. A choleric child may not like restrictions. This child will like to move ahead on his own. It is always good to have self-reliant, but there should be some restrictions. Relationship with father can be seen through the placement of the Sun and the relationship of the mother can be seen through the placement of the Moon.

Find whether the Sun and the Moon are in a good place with the Lagna and Lagna lord. For, these signs their 4th house of mother and family is ruled by water signs and the 9th house of the father is ruled by fire signs also. So, naturally, these children coming under fire element the relationship with the mother and father can be very transformative.

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When a fire element dominated child goes to his mother who is dominated by the water element naturally there can be combustion. So, the mother will have to go an extra mile in keeping unity with this child.

Child Astrology, parent and child compatibility.

These signs are earth signs, they are fixed sign so, the child will take time to transform. He may not like sudden changes in the existing system and they may like to go an extra mile in bringing perfection into their life. They may not be reflected or responsive like fire or air signs, they like to be themselves. This passion for perfection can bring a lot of critical analysis into their genes and parents may feel that the child is not respecting their efforts. These children may like to be their own and others can feel that they are introverts. Parents should understand that they all need to upgrade themselves as this is the time of digital natives.

These children always like to update them if the Lagna lords are in good placement. The 4th house of mother and family for these kids are ruled by fire signs and the 9th house of the father is ruled by earth signs.